Ongoing Projects

Investigating the Underlying Mechanisms of Psychopathology.

This research program seeks to investigate the underlying mechanisms of psychopathology and whether these mechanisms can be retrained with a subsequent impact on psychological well-being. This involves using techniques indexing attention, cognition and memory as well as eye-tracking, electro-stimulation and intrusive memory induction. Current investigations include: investigating the effect of electro-stimulation induced anticipatory anxiety on spontaneous recruitment of memory.


Attentional Bias and Anxiety: A Multi-Site Registered Report.

This project investigates whether a) attentional bias links with anxiety, b) attentional bias is malleable, and c) successful reduction of a negative attentional bias reduces reactivity to a stressor. This project is led by Sandersan Onie and Enrique Mergelsberg.


Investigating the effectiveness of internet delivered CBT in local Indonesian schools.

This project addresses the issue of parents inhibiting children from seeking therapy in Indonesia due to stigma being present in older but less so in younger generations. This project is led by Sandersan Onie, in collaboration with a local school in Jakarta.


Investigating what factors link with psychopathology in Indonesia: a nationwide study.

In order to treat psychopathology in Indonesia, we need to understand the factors that link and contribute to it in this specific context. Therefore, this study done in collaboration with Dra. Ratih Ibrahim seeks to answer just that. This project is led by Sandersan Onie in collaboration with ‘Personal Growth’ clinical psychology institute in Indonesia.


Introducing a Clinical Structured Interview to Indonesia

One factor hampering research in Indonesia is the lack of a structured diagnostic clinical interview, resulting in inconsistency in diagnosis. I am currently heading a project to obtain a structured interview with limited funding and disseminating it to clinicians. This project is in collaboration with Universitas Indonesia and Ikatan Psikolog Klinis Indonesia (The Association of Indonesian Clinical Psychologists).


Assessing Quality of Research in Indonesia.

 A recent government policy has incentivized publication, leading to an increase in questionable research practices and fraud. In this project, we seek to quantify the quality of publications in Indonesia for the past seven years. The data is to be presented to Indonesia’s ministry of research and higher education, encouraging the government to introduce policy to improve research output quality. This project is conducted in collaboration with Universitas Airlangga, Surabaya.​

Sandersan Onie
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