Sandersan Onie

Post Doctoral Fellow, Black Dog Institute

I am a PhD Candidate at UNSW Sydney working with Dr. Steven Most. My research investigates how attention to emotional information shapes our experience of the world and vulnerability to clinical disorders. Beyond the lab, I conduct research-based efforts to improve mental health in Indonesia and am currently overseeing ongoing projects that include an investigation into factors that contribute to psychopathology in rural Indonesian communities and the efficacy of internet-delivered CBT to Indonesian youth. I seek to raise awareness about psychological science and Indonesian Mental health both within Indonesia and across the broader mental health community. I would love to chat and hear your thoughts!


Latest Updates and News

5th September 2019. Completed the #whatiwishtheyknew website and campaign today. The campaign is a platform where you can share what you wish the people around you knew, said or did during difficult times in your life. The end goal is to develop data-driven interventions for specific demographics. Have a look at 

1st September 2019. The Webinar to advance Indonesia's research has almost 30 viewing sites! Sign up today!

30th August 2019. Submitted my Ph.D. thesis today! Thanks to everyone for your support!

28th August 2019.  Received word that I am a finalist in UNSW Emerging Thought Leader Prize. Details can be found at:

15th July 2019. Had my second Psychological Science Accelerator meeting today, and further discussed strategies to improve research in developing countries by pairing up labs from developing research cultures with labs from established research cultures..