Journal Publications

Onie, S., Notebaert, L., Clarke, P., & Most, S. B. (2019). Investigating the Effects of Inhibition Training on Attentional Bias Change: A Simple Bayesian Approach. Frontiers in Psychology, 9, 2782. doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2018.02782


Jin, M., Onie, S., Curby, K. M. & Most, S. B., (2018) Aversive images cause less perceptual interference among violent video game players: evidence from emotion-induced blindness. Visual Cognition, 26:10, 753-763, Doi: 10.1080/13506285.2018.1553223


Onie, S., & Most, S. B. (2017). Two roads diverged: Distinct mechanisms of attentional bias differentially predict negative affect and persistent negative thought. Emotion, 17(5), 884-894. Doi:


Onie, S., Gong, S., Manwaring, E., Grageda, D., Webb, K., Yuen, W.S., & Most, S.B. (in press). Validation of the Australian Beverage Picture Set: A Controlled Picture Set for Cognitive Bias Measurement and Modification Paradigms


Aczel, B., Kovacs, M., Bognar, M., Palfi, B., Hartanto, A., Onie, S., Tiong, L. & Evans, T. (accepted provisionally). Is there evidence for cross-domain control adaptation? A replication of Kan et al. (2013)


In Preparation

Onie, S., Most, S.B., Peterson, M.A., & Le Pelley, M.E. (in preparation). Reward history does not modulate figure-ground assignment.


Onie, S. & Most, S.B. (in preparation). Contribution of valence and arousal to two forms of attentional bias.


Onie, S., Donkin, C., & Most, S.B. (in preparation). Can emotion-induced blindness be retrained over a single session?


Onie, S., MacLeod, C., & Most, S.B. (in preparation). No priming from targets missed during emotion-induced blindness.

Yuen, W.S., Onie, S., Nickerson, A., Kimonis, E.R., Newby, J.M., & Most, S.B. (in preparation). Spontaneous memory encoding, but not perceptual prioritization, predicts intrusive memories from a separate trauma analogue.


De Torres, C., Onie, S., Zhao, J., Li, S., Graham, B.M., & Most, S.B. (in preparation). No evidence for an impact of women’s hormonal cycle on perceptual prioritization or spontaneous memory encoding of emotional pictures.


Sandersan Onie
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